Own Your Category

Launch a dynamic product offering easily managed with F13 Works

Consolidate Your Marketplace

Manage your multi vendor marketplace and in-house operations through a easy-to-use, robust solution built for you.

Technology for Your Ecosystem

Discover a solution for marketplace, dropship, and business ecosystems.

Casper Case Study

With stiff competition and rising customer acquisition costs, how can  the most iconic mattress brand of the new millennium stay relevant with customers while increasing average order value and customer lifetime value?

Read our take on Casper’s retail strategy and how shifting beyond their core product offering is the key to their future growth.

What Our Clients Love


Full automation means you can focus on what matters most, running your business – not inputting data

Ease of Use

Understand pricing, images and other data intuitively. We take spreadsheets and turn them into easily accessible data

Seamless Integrations

Vendors and Retailers enjoy seamless integrations and a natural fit with their existing workflow

Advanced Tools

We offer a robust ecommerce solution that provides tools for order management, merchandising, and accounting

Dropship Focused

Software built for multi-vendor and multi-channel ecommerce, helping you realize the full potential of dropshipping

How It Works

Customer Order

Customer places an order on your site.

Order Import

F13 Works automatically imports the order.

Vendor Purchase Order

Based on your settings, F13 Works splits up the order’s line items into individual purchase orders based on the respective vendors.

Automated Transactions

F13 Works automatically bills you for all pending purchase orders using your payment method on file and forwards the orders to the correct vendors or warehouses. Orders can be sent via email or directly to a vendor’s platform (such as shopify.)

Vendor Order

Once a vendor receives your order, it is ready to begin the fulfillment process. They can message you about the order or download a CSV file with information needed for branded packing slips.

Vendor Fulfillment

Once the order ships, the vendor can add tracking information. If the order was sent through the vendor’s platform, F13 Works will automatically retrieve it.

Automated Tracking

F13 Works adds the tracking information to the order directly on your ecommerce platform.

Vendor Payout

Since purchase orders are automatically billed, F13 Works will issue payouts to your vendors based on your agreement with them.